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So you decided to play SolaceRO, huh. Welcome! This guide was prepared by Panzer (yours truly) with help from the SolaceRO devs (I let them check it) and the following players: Rainic, Strea, Vicard, Cerebella.

  • Note: Words highlighted in yellow are important points in this guide.

Getting Started

Account Setup

  1. Account Set-Up - At the character selection page, we recommend creating 3 characters - your main character, a character for hunting, and an OCDC merch.
  2. Main Character - This is your priority character, the one you will be using for boss hunts, Woe, etc. We suggest making one first then you may want to build specific characters for PVP or PVM afterward.
  3. Hunting Character - This character is a sufficiently equipped character that is focused on solo hunting for items and equipment. We suggest creating a hunter, rogue, or any other classes that can solo mobs and survive.
  4. OCDC Merch - This merch serves to sell your items to the NPC with the Merchant 'Overcharge' skill, allowing for a more profitable selling. Using the Merchant 'Discount' skill, you may purchase fly wings, butterfly wings, and other NPC bought equipment for a cheaper price.
  5. Other Characters - you can also do are cosplay characters (for fun characters intended to imitate anime characters - create a wiz named 'Megumin' who uses 'Explosion!!' once a day maybe?), PVP characters, and other types of characters.

Upon creating your character, type @joinchannel so you can join the channels of the server at once when you log in.

Server Features to Take Advantage

There are multiple features that new players may use to rapidly catch up to other players in terms of level.

  • Novice Free Items - As a novice, you will be given a set of novice equipment, 200 Novice Red Potions, 20 Novice Flywings, 5 Novice Butterfly Wings, 5 Novice Magnifiers, and 10 Novice Manuals. The Manuals can be used until level 40 and all other items can be used regardless of level.

Novice Free Items

  • Free Mercenary - At level 10, the system will reward you with a Mercenary Scroll (Support Scroll) and a Morroc Castle Scroll. The mercenary is a powerful character that can fight for you and help you gain levels which you can use for 30mins. Kills by the mercenary will still give you the full experience of the monster.
    1. Tip: Make sure that you won’t die or your mercenary won’t lose all its HP or else it will expire.
    2. To avail more mercenary, go to the Morroc Castle and go left twice and speak with NPC Mercenary Leader. Current mercenaries include a swordsman and spear user. Press alt + left click to make it attack (spam left click to make it work) or place the mercenary's skill on your hotkey by pressing right-click on the mercenary, status, then skills. Drag and drop the offensive skill (bash or pierce) into your hotkey.

Getting a mercenaryView status of mercenaryMercenary skills and stats

  • Morroc Castle Scroll - Upon level 10, you will acquire this item. You can use it to teleport to the Morroc Castle entrance, guild, or cash area. It may also be used as a free warp to Morroc. This item has a 300-second cooldown and can be used until Level 60.

Morroc Castle Scroll

  • Morroc Castle - You might wonder how to go back to Morroc Castle once Morroc Castle Scroll is no longer available. Well, you just need to look for a Kafra Employee and warp to Morroc. Then go to the center of the map and you’ll see the entrance there.

Morroc Castle

  • Novice Warper - Novice Warper NPCs are available in almost every beginner town. Click on them to teleport to a town or dungeon for free. This Warper is available until you reach level 41 and has a 30 minutes cooldown.

Morroc Castle

  • Playtime Voucher - You will earn playtime vouchers every time you level up to certain levels such as Lv. 20, 40, 60 and 80. Also, when you reach level 30, you will start gaining 1 playtime voucher per hour. You can exchange this for usable items through NPC Rewards Artisan located at the right-wing of Morroc Castle.

Playtime Voucher

  • NPC Rewards Artisan - As mentioned above, this is the NPC wherein you can exchange your Playtime Voucher and Quest tickets to certain items. The current rewards available as of now are QT Exchange and PV Exchange. WoE Rewards will be available once WoE starts on February

Playtime Voucher

    • The most essential items for leveling are Battle Manual, White Potion and Blue Potion and these are under PV Exchange (Playtime Rewards). You may also exchange daily quest tickets here for headgears. Just explore read the description of the available items to understand more of its function. Items may also be subject to change to keep the server balanced.
    • Tip: Make sure you have zeny (money) with you so that the exchange will be successful.
  • Daily Quests - These are quests that are done in towns of Prontera and Alberta. If you’ll have a hard time doing the quests, you can use our Daily Quest guide in our SolaceRO Wiki. (This will be released soon)

Prontera Daily QuestAlberta Daily Quest

  • Eden Quest - These are quests for delivery, hunting, and item quests at the Morroc Castle and may make leveling more fun for you if you hate long grinds. You just need to apply for quests by talking to the Mission Boards located on the left-wing of Morroc Castle. There is also a guide on the different missions available in the SolaceRO Wiki.

Eden Quest

Basic Items to Acquire

We recommend stocking up on potions, fly wings, butterfly wings, gemstones, and ammo before you start your hunt. Most of these can be bought from NPC Tool Dealer using your OCDC Merch.

  • Tip: For jobs not in the acolyte class, make sure that you always have a butterfly wing with you so that you’ll be able to go back to the town where you have saved. You wouldn’t want to get stuck or walk back home after leveling or hunting.

Leveling Grounds

As a novice, you may start by fighting porings, lunatics, drops, and pupas at prtfld_08 which is the lower warp from Prontera. If you are choosing archer as your first job, start your journey at Payon and hunt for willows as early as level 1. This will make your job change to archer easier. If you are choosing a merchant as your first character, pick up loots to sell to the NPC as part of your quest demands for a payment of 1,000 zeny.

Morroc Castle

After your job change, you may choose to grind your levels or use the Eden board quests. Either of them are good. If there are people playing with you, it is better to form a party to level to take advantage of the +10% exp bonus per party member.

A common leveling area is hunting wolves 2 maps down from Payon. With your mercenary, you can kill wolves with ease. Beware that attacking a wolf will aggro wolves in the vicinity so plan your attacks well.

Morroc Castle

You may also go to the ever trusty Payon cave one map above Payon.

After gaining a couple of levels, archers and mages may opt to hunt geographers. They are unmoving plant monsters that give a lot of exp. To reach the geographer map, you may want to ask a priest player to warp you or use the airship in Izlude. Be sure to go down to Juno and transfer to the airship to Einbroch. This will cost you 1,200 zeny. Warp by a priest may cost you ~3,000 zeny, a blue gem, or for free if you are lucky to find a kind priest. Beware of going near geographers, they do a lot of damage. They also heal each other when in clusters.

For thieves, they can try their luck with Toy Factory 1f and hit cookies and mystcase. As there are almost no aggressive monsters here, you can take your time in killing mobs. Loots from here sell for a lot in NPCs so it is also profitable. Watch out for the Chepet, Mastering, and Angeling monsters though as they are aggressive.

Morroc Castle

After choosing your 2nd job change, your farming places will increase. But the most common level up place will be the Magma dungeon. Party up with other characters and try your luck going to Magma 2F.

If you are a hunter playing solo, you may want to continue hunting geographers until you reach level 80 then you can try your luck with Stings at Glastheim culvert. These mobs drop Gloves [1] as well as Bow Thimble which is good accessories for you.

If you are a knight, you may want to try hunting minorous at pyramid basement 1. Spam pierce to quickly kill minorous. You can loot them for rough oridecons, the two-handed axe [2], and for their card. These all sell well to players via #market.

Morroc Castle

If you are a crusader, you may want to try orc dungeon until you are strong enough for Glastheim's chivalry. Raydrics and Khalitzburg drop a variety of items sought by players, most importantly the Raydric card. Steer clear of Abysmal Knights until you are strong enough to handle them. Watch out for Alice and try your luck in killing her for her card.

Morroc Castle

If you are a priest, it's unfortunate that Anubis in SolaceRO isn't undead so Turn Undead won't work on him. You are still well sought after in parties as support. You may also try hunting ancient mummies if you really want to solo.

If you are a monk, monks may try using finger offensive and attacking sleepers at einbrochfld_08. Not only do they give high exp, but their loots also sell for a high price.

If you are a wizard, you are one of the most sought after jobs for party leveling at pungus or in the magma dungeon. Best capitalize on this. For sages, although some are able to join magma parties, they are not the top priority. They may opt to level in geographers or in seals at Comodo.

HOWEVER It's still recommended to level with a party. Not only is it cost-efficient but also because you can have in-game friends you can play with. Also, there is a +exp boost for every party member and for a full party.

Substitute for Ragnarok Commodities


Potions are a need to level efficiently. You can get these from players sold ESBs or through exchanging your playtime vouchers.

If neither of these fits you're, you may use recovery items dropped by mobs you are hunting such as potatoes, yams, strawberries, and similar items to reduce potion consumption.

You may also use Fresh Fish for HP recovery and Grape Juice for SP recovery. They are both lightweight, have small cost, and regen a suitable amount of HP/SP. Fresh fish can be bought from Comodo (225,154) and Amatsu (206,150) at 250(regular)/190 (DC). Grape Juice can be bought from Amatsu (202,165) at 300(regular)/228(DC)

You may also opt to use the ESB White potions/Blue potions through the Playtime Voucher rewards or the Advance Siege Box (50 whites/20 blues) through the same NPC.

Fly Wing

You may opt to hunt for a Creamy Card and slot it on a Clip [1] or a Nile Rose [1] in order to save on the fly wings. Creamy has a big spawn rate at prtfld_04 (Prontera, 2 left) and geffld_13 (Geffen, left, down)

Nile Rose with Creamy Card

Butterfly Wing

Unfortunately, there are no other items to substitute a butterfly wing. However, Creamy and Wraith mobs drop these items as well.


You can buy blue gemstones at the Geffen tool dealer. Some mobs drop blue gemstones as well (megalodon at 1.2%, marine sphere at 1.5%, etc). If you need red or yellow gemstones are not sold from NPCs, so you may want to buy blue gemstones and use the gemstone converter near the Payon Castle. The converter exchanges 2 blues for 1 red, 2 reds for 1 yellow, and 2 yellows for 1 blue.

  • If you wish to hunt them, red gemstones drop from gig at 1.5%, thief bug female at 0.5%, and pest at 2.5%. Yellow gemstones drop from picky at 0.6%, mineral at 1%, condor at 0.8%, etc.

Gemstone converter in payon


If you have any more suggestions on further contents or would like to add content on leveling spots for specific jobs, please comment on the post :) thank you~ please provide some screencaps by sending it to me since i can’t make all characters.