Skills Modification

From SolaceRO

Here are some changes that have been made to balance your gameplay.


  • Endure – Doesn’t give MDEF bonus. It doesn’t cancel after being hit 7 times.
  • Defending Aura – Fixed 30% ASPD reduction regardless of the level


  • Lord of Vermillion – No longer causes the BLIND effect
  • Meteor Storm – No longer causes stun effect
  • Quagmire – Affects teammates on WoE and PVP
  • Dispell – 30% chance of failing inside WoE and PVP


  • Double Strafe – Consumes 2 arrows
  • Arrow Shower – Consumes 10 arrows
  • Blitz Beat – Automatically casted Blitz Beat no longer divides the damage based on the number of mobs.
  • Falcon Assault – After-cast delay has been decreased.


  • Throw Stone – 40% chance to stun.
  • Sprinkle Sand – 35% chance to blind and has 3 seconds cooldown. The RANGE has been increased as well.


  • Teleport – Can be switched back to level 1 to skip teleportation menu
  • Snap – Will still require 1 sphere regardless if the user is at Fury State
  • Asura Strike – 4 seconds fixed cooldown


  • Marine Sphere and Flora summoned by Alchemist will not drop any item.
  • Demonstration requires Red Gemstone instead of Fire Bottle.

Super Novice

  • Fury is still usable by SNs who have reached 99/99.
  • Spirit of Super Novice Scroll can be purchased in Al De Baran. (will be disabled once Soul Linker is available)