Rat Hunting Quest

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Rat Hunting Quest.png

Start the quest by talking to First Mate in Alberta.
He will ask you to hunt rats inside Alberta Ship.

Completing the Quest

  • Keep talking to First Mate until you obtain a Mystic Cat Ball.gif Mystic Cat Ball.

      Tip: You can spam enter this NPC and obtain as much Mystic Cat Balls as you can.

  • Go inside the Alberta Ship located at (alberta 180, 165)

Alberta Ship Entrance.png

  • Look for Strange Cramps and catch them using the Mystic Cat Ball. If successful, you'll obtain Mystic Leaf Cat Ball.gif Mystic Leaf Cat Ball.

      Tip: Obtain as much Mystic Leaf Cat Balls as you can so that you can easily redeem the rewards every time the quest
              resets at 12:00 AM (GMT+8).

First Mate.gif

  • Go back to First Mate to redeem your rewards:
  10,000,000 Base Exp
   Ticket.gif 5 Quest Tickets