Newbie Guide

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Getting Started

Creating a Character


1. Before entering the world of Rune Midgard, you have to create your character first!
After patching, log-in and click on the "+" icon as seen on the photo above.


2. After click the "+" icon, you will then be redirected to the Character Creation Window!
Style your character the way you want! Don't forget to name your character for your identity!


3. After successfuly creating a character, you will then we warped on the Novice Grounds to get your freebies.
These freebies will help you level up and explore the vast world of Rune Midgard!

Server Features To Take Advantage

Novice Free Items


As a Novice, you will be given a set of Freebies you can use to start your adventure!

Item Count Item Name
1 Novice False Eggshell
1 Tattered Novice Ninja Suit
1 Somber Novice Hood
1 Novice Slippers
1 Novice Main Gauche
1 Novice Guard
200 Novice Red Potions
20 Novice Fly Wings
5 Novice Butterfly Wings
5 Novice Magnifiers
10 Novice Manuals

Note: Novice Manuals can be used until level 40 and all other items can be used regardless of your level.

Free Mercenary

At Level 10, the system will reward you with a Mercenary Scroll (Support Scroll) and a Morroc Castle Scroll.
The mercenary is a powerful character that can fight and help you gain levels which you can use for 30mins.
*Tip: Make sure that you won’t die or your mercenary won’t lose all its HP or else it will expire.


To avail more mercenaries, go to Morroc Castle, go left twice and speak with the Mercenary Leader.
Current mercenaries includes a Swordsman and a Spearman. Press Alt + Left Click to make it attack or use a Mercenary Skill.
(Please see photos below on how to find the Mercenary Skill)



Morroc Castle Scroll


Upon reaching Level 10, you will acquire a Newbie Morroc Castle Warp Scroll.
You can use it to teleport to Morroc Castle Entrance, Guild, or Cash Area
This item has a 300 seconds cooldown and can be used until Level 60.

Morroc Castle


To go to Morroc Castle, talk to Kafra Employee, click on Teleport Service and choose Morroc.
Once Kafra Employees teleports you to Morroc, go to the center of the map and you'll find Morroc Castle!

To know more about what is inside Morroc Castle, click Lady Solace - Solace RO's guardian to guide you through!

Novice Warper

Novice Warper NPCs are available in almost every beginner town. Click on them to teleport to a town or dungeon for free.
This Warper is available until you reach Level 41 and has a 30 minutes cooldown.

Playtime Voucher


Playtime Vouchers can be earned in two ways:
1. Logging-in for an hour. (Note that only characters that are Level 30 and above can get Playtime Vouchers per hour).
2. Level Up and get Playtime Vouchers on Levels 20, 40, 60, 80 and 99.
But what can I do with Playtime Vouchers?! Hmm.gif

To know more about what can you do with Playtime Vouchers, click Lady Solace - Solace RO's guardian to guide you through!