Morroc Castle

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Morroc is a desert town located at the South-West of Prontera. The Royal Castle of Morroc has evacuated most of their citizens in preparation for the coming of Satan Morroc. With that, the Royal Castle opened their doors and have their citizens enter the castle for their safety. With that, citizens started to open their businesses inside Morroc Castle which made the castle famous to adventurers.

Morroc Castle NPCs

Banco de Solace


Too much zeny? Convert your zeny to Solace Coins!

  • BC.gif 1 Bronze Coin = 10,000z
  • SC.gif 1 Silver Coin = 100,000z
  • GC.gif 1 Gold Coin = 1,000,000z
  • MithrilCoin.gif 1 Mithril Coin = 10,000,000z

Battle Merchant


Finding essential items for your adventure? This NPC might help you.

  • Arrow.gif Arrow: 1z
  • RBP.gif Red Battle Potion: 250z
  • MBP.gif Mercenary Blue Potion: 600z
  • GreenPotion.gif Green Potion: 40z
  • Concentration.gif Concentration Potion: 800z
  • Awakening.gif Awakening Potion: 1,500z

Gate Keeper


Bored of grinding your journey til 99/70? PVP is the way to cleanse your boredom!

Old Pharmacist


Overweight? Tired of coming back and forth from your leveling spot to town? This old-geezer will surely help you!

  • LRP.gif Light Red Potion: Red Potion + 40z fee
  • LOP.gif Light Orange Potion: Orange Potion + 60z fee
  • LYP.gif Light Yellow Potion: Yellow Potion + 80z fee
  • LWP.gif Light White Potion: White Potion + 100z fee
  • LBP.gif Light Blue Potion: Blue Potion + 140z fee

Black Marketeer


Going somewhere but want to get an item or ingredient you badly need? Bulk Buyer Shop License is the solution to your problem!

  • BulkBuy.gif Bulk Buyer Shop License: 500z each

Clothing Dye Expert


Tweak your characters by changing its clothing dye look! *Please note that 1 Clothing Dye Coupon is needed to use this NPC!

Rewards Artisan


Quality Items that will help you level up in exchange for the items you've earned from events or from playing regularly.

Premium Hairdresser


Feeling the vibe of being fashionable? This NPC can help you change your character's hairstyle and hair color in exchange of a Hairdressing Coupon!



Keep record of your Playtime by talking to this guy over here!

Mercenary Leader


A Mercenary from the Knight Guild will really boost your level up! You can get 1 Support scroll every 30 minutes.

Board Missions


You can get Board Missions from Level 11 until 60! Isn't it convenient?

Guild Chief


Ready to make friends or join the War of Emperium? This man right here will help you create a guild!
Needed items:

or it can be waived by bribing the NPC if you have a Guild Service Coin that can be purchased from the Hypermart.