FAQs for Newbies

From SolaceRO

Are you new to the server? Fret not as this page will help answer questions that you possibly have on your mind now. Below are the common frequently asked questions that we've encountered from newbies in the server:

Q : When did the server start?
A : SolaceRO started last December 13, 2019.
Q : Can we use dual client?
A : You can't. Dual client is disabled
Q : What is the difference of Normal and Hardcore mode?
A : Normal Mode - has no restrictions when it comes to leveling your character and the rewards that you will get when you reach 99/70 are 25 Playtime Vouchers and 1 Costume : Exchange ticket.

Hardcore Mode - has several restrictions for leveling your character which are:

  • Exp manuals (base and job manuals) will not work
  • Miracle Medicine will not work
  • Experience bonus from Hypermart and Event Costumes will not work
  • Daily quests and other repeatable quests are not allowed
  • WoE and Streamer Potions will not work
  • Iris Employee Warper is not allowed

The following dungeons are also prohibited:

  • Biolaboratory 1 & 2
  • Clock Tower B2
  • Glast Heim F2
  • Magma Dungeon 1 & 2
  • Pyramid B2
  • Sphinx F4 & F5
  • Odin Temple 2

Once you have reached 99/70, all restrictions will be gone and you will get several rewards:

  • 1 Premium Membership Ticket
  • 10 pcs. Manchu-han Imperial Feast
  • 20 pcs. WoE Supply Boxes
  • 1 pc. WoE Rental Set
  • 1 pc. Hardcore Soul

There are also additional perks and you can see further information at the Hardcore Mode page of our website.

Q : What is the Party Leveling Gap?
A : Party Sharing Setting:

Level: 01 – 75 | 15 level gaps
Level: 76 – 98 | 10 level gaps
Level: 95+ | Can only share experience with players who are also level 95+.

The minimum level decides the party sharing gap in your party. See sample cases below:

Case 1: Min. level of party member is 65: You can share experience with players up to level 80.
Case 2: Min. level of party member is 80: You can share experience with players up to level 90.
Case 3: One (1) member is level 95: You can only share experience if all other members are level 95 and above.

- When a party member is 20 cells away from the leader, all members will not receive any experience.
- Players will receive 150% bonus experience for every member in their party.
- Idle party members will not receive experience.

Q : Are MVP cards enabled?
A : Yes, they are enabled except during Casual and Vanilla WoE.
Q : Is there a guild package?
A : Yes, we have. You may check further information on our War of Emperium page.
Q : Is there a migration package?
A : Yes, we have. You can submit your application in our Migration Program page.
Q : Where can we check the patch notes?
A : You may check the patch notes through our Midgard Times page.
Q : Where can we check the Custom Modification?
A : You may check the modifications that we have applied to the server through our Server Information page.
Q : What are the Player Commands (Non-Premium and Premium)?
A : We have several player commands available in the server which are categorized as non-premium and premium members. Below is the list of the most common commands for non-premium members:
  • @security - To set a security password to enable item and character protection.
  • @checkreward - To see the list of rewards, what you've received, and what you'll receive the next day.
  • @joinchannel - To join the server's discussion, trading, and recruitment channels #main-en #market #recruit.
  • @monsterinfo - To see the monster's details, such as stats, experience, and drops.
  • @refresh - To sync your client with the server's current data; useful when some mobs or players are out of position.
  • @lgp - Enables playing with effects off with simplified skill effects on to reduce lag created by excessive skill spam.
  • @woestats - To check your current points on WoE.
  • @pvpstats - To check your current points on PVP.
  • @noask - To activate autorejecting such as requesting a deal, registering as a friend, and inviting you to a party.
  • @gambling - To warp you to gambling area.

For premium members, these are the common commands that are used:

  • @autopickup - To enable/disable on automatically getting items that have a drop rate of 1% and below.
  • @autotrade - To allow merchant classes to continue vending while offline.
  • @whobuy - To display a list of players who are currently buying certain items, including their prices and quantity.
  • @whosell - To display a list of players who are currently selling certain items, including their prices and quantity.
  • @chatroom - To create a clone of yourself advertising something, which you can leave with an opened chat room.
  • @whereis - To find out in which maps a monster spawns.
  • @whodrops - To show who drops the specified item.
  • @hominfo - To view the information about your current Homunculus.
  • @homstats - To view the information about the stats of your current Homunculus.

You may also see these commands on our Server Information page.

Q : How can I have Premium Membership?
A : You can have a premium membership by obtaining a Premium Membership Ticket. You can obtain this in two ways:
  • Get the ticket as a reward when you reach 99/70
  • Purchase the ticket at NPC Enhancement Hypermart for 10,000 RoKs

Once you have a ticket, go to NPC Premium Account located at Geffen (131,66) to activate it. 1 ticket is good for 30 days. Once activated, you will be able to enjoy Bonus EXP of +50%, @autotrade, @autopickup, and other Premium player commands.

Q : Do you have Moscovia in the server?
A : No, it is not implemented.
Q : Do you have Geffenia in the server?
A : No, it is not implemented.
Q : Are there free equips given for new players?
A :Yes, we have a newbie starter pack available at NPC Yebyul. You can claim this after you’ve changed to your first job class. You may also ask older players for equips by asking politely in #main-ph or #main-en in-game, or by posting a picture of your character in one of the official Facebook groups.
Q : Is there a job changer NPC?
A : None. SolaceRO is a low-rate close-to-classic private server. You need to perform the job change quests. The job change quests can be seen in ratemyserver.net
Q : Is there a warper NPC?
A : Yes. We have 2 warpers which are the Novice Warper and Iris Employee.
  • Novice Warper - has available warps to other towns and dungeons but it can only be accessed until level 50 non-trans.
  • Iris Employee - has available warps to different fields and dungeons.
Q : Can I craft headgears?
A : Yes. You can craft headgears through NPC Rare Item Collecter. He is located inside the building, 12 o'clock of Izlude. But before you can access it, you need to donate equips or zeny worth 50 pts to NPC Dahyun located at the center of Prontera. You may also see the list and the preview of the different headgears on our Headgear Quest page.
Q : Is there a free reset?
A : We don't have a free reset. But we have a Reset Guru NPC located at 7 o'clock of Gonryun map. The requirement is 1m zenny and 1 Bookclip of Memory. Additional requirement is to donate items or zeny worth 500 pts to NPC Dahyun located at the center of Prontera.

The other way of resetting stats is by buying a Reset Stone at the Enhancement Hypermart.

Q : Can I still catch up?
A : Of course. The server updates the episode slowly, giving the new players a chance to catch up because the “top items” the older players reach the ceiling. Additionally, cards and equipment are a lot cheaper than most servers. The server also gives the player the chance to refine safely (items not broken, just level down i.e +5 to +4), although at a much steeper price. You might as well check the Getting Started page for a detailed guide and more tips on how to catch up in the server.
Q : What job should I create as a newbie?
A : We recommend creating a farming character first before you main. Either a Knight or a Crusader can farm zeny well. However, during your first few weeks, it is advisable to create a rogue first and farm the items recommended in the next item to start your life in SolaceRO.
Q : What should I farm for zeny?
A : Below are possible places to earn your keep in SolaceRO:

Low Tier

Item Mob How to go Used For
Stem Mandragora Iris Warper ->
Hidden temple ->
Right Portal
Brew Alcohol
Poison Spore Poison Spore Geffen Dungeon 1F Brew Alcohol
Immortal Heart Verit Iris Warper -> Pyramids ->
Thief Guild (middle warp) ->
Lower Warp
Brew Acid Bottle
Empty Bottle Ant Egg Iris Warper -> Ant Hell Brew different items
Muka Morroc, 2 maps down Brew different items
Fabric Wraith Glastheim Churchyard Brew Bottle Grenade
Whisper Glastheim Culvert Brew Bottle Grenade
Heart of Mermaid Obeaune Iris Warper -> Byalan ->
Byalan 3F
Brew Glistening Coat
Maneater Blossom Geographer Iris Warper -> Einbroch Field Brew Plant Bottle
Zenorc’s Fang Zenorc Orc Dungeon 2F Brew Glistening Coat
Mane Savage Prontera 2 maps down,
2 maps left
Vit + 7 Food
Bear’s Footskin Bigfoot Payon, 2 maps Right Str + 8 Food
Strawberry Yoyo Iris Warper -> Hidden Temple ->
2 maps right
Dex + 8 Food
Tropical Banana Choco Iris Warper -> Hidden Temple ->
2 maps right
Dex + 9 Food
Orange Peco Peco Prontera, 3 maps down Int + 9 Food

Mid Tier

Item Mob How to go Used For
Fish Tail Phen Iris Warper -> Byalan ->
Byalan 4F
Vit + 7 Food
Aloe Leaflet Kapha Amatsu, 1 map up Str + 8 Food
Vit+7 Food
Hinalle Leaflet Leaf Cat Ayothaya Dungeon Str + 8 Food
Int + 7 Food
Cheese Taoist Hermit Kunlun Dungeon 3 Dex +8 Food
Honey Zipper Bear Gonryun Field 1 Int + 7 Food
Royal Jelly Enchanted Peace Tree Kunlun Dungeon 1 Many different Foods

High Tier

Item Mob How to go Used For
Elunium Stalactic Golem Comodo, 1 map up Upg Armor Refining
Q : What is refinement table in this server?
A : Below is the information about the refinement

Catalyst Conversion:
10 Oridecon: 1 Purified Oridecon
10 Elunium: 1 Purified Elunium

Safe Limits:
Armor (+4), Lv. 1 Weapon (+7), Lv. 2 Weapon (+5), Lv. 3 Weapon (+4), and Lv. 4 Weapon (+4).

Refining Cost:
Armor: 7,500 zeny per level
Lv. 1 Weapon: 1,000 z per level
Lv. 2 Weapon: 2,000 z per level
Lv. 3 Weapon: 7,500 z per level
Lv. 4 Weapon: 7,500 z per level

Price is multiplied by the refine level of your item. Let’s say you’re refining a +4 Muffler to +5, you’ll have to pay 37,500 z.

Purified Refining:
Starting at +4 for both armor and weapon. (official behavior starts at +7)

Purified Refining Cost:
Armor and Weapon: 30,000 z per level

Q : Can I convert headgears into a costume?
A : Yes. You can exchange headgears into a costume by using the Costume : Exchange Ticket. Just go to Geffen(129.68) and look for NPC Costume Expert to use the ticket.

Note: Please bear in mind that the stats, card and refine level of the headgear will be removed. Also, costumes can't be reverted to its original state after conversion.

Q : How to donate?
A : Just proceed to this page of our website to see the available donation options:

You may also check our Legacy Donation Form if the options on Paymentwall don't work for you.

Q : How to transfer RoKs in game?
A : You would need to log in to your master account and distribute your RoK Points to your game account.
Q : Can I convert RoKs to Zeny?
A : Yes, you can convert it. Below are the ways on how you can do it:
  1. Purchase items in the Hypermart NPCs that are in demand such as ESB, Greed Scroll, etc, and either vend or sell them.
  2. Convert your RoKs to RoK checks at NPC RoKs Conversion and sell it to other players.
Q : How to get Voting Points?
A : You just need to login your master account in the Control Panel of our website and go to Vote for points. After voting, just refresh the page and distribute the points to your desired game account. Don't forget to log off your game account before distributing the points.
Q : How can I use the Voting Points?
A : There are 3 ways on how you can use it:
  1. You can exchange the points to get rental gears. All refined rental equipment are for 2 days only.
  2. You can exchange the points to get Elite Siege Supply Box (ESB). You can get 2 ESBs for every 1 Voting Point + 80,000 zeny.
  3. You can exchange your points into a Voting Token. The Voting Token is used to exchange to cute headgears available at NPC Rewards Artisan. Visit Voting Headgear for more information and to view the available headgears.
Q : How to transfer zeny to another character under the same account?
A : You can transfer zeny by converting it into either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Mithril Coins. You can do this by speaking to NPC Banco de Solace located near Morroc Castle entrance. You can then store it in your Kafra and then convert it again to zeny in your other character.
Q : I have more questions. Who can I ask?
A : There are several ways to ask questions. If you only have general questions, we suggest that you message through our main channels in-game such as #main-en and #main-ph. You can also post on our official FB groups which are SolaceRO [PH OFFICIAL], SolaceRO [INT OFFICIAL] and SolaceRO [Mobile]. Most players will be happy to answer your questions. If you believe that your questions are more specific or technical, you can reach us on the following platforms:
Q : Can I join WoE immediately?
A : After you've settled down and have created a stable farming character and have a few zeny and time to spare, of course, you can join different guilds in their quest for victory. Or you could even start your own guild! However, you need to either complete the guild creation quest at the Morroc Castle or purchase a Guild Service Coin at NPC Enhancement Hypermart.
Q : Is this server good?
A : Of course! The server boasts about its stable economy, balanced donation shop, steadily increasing population and its commitment in making a community that is fun for most (if not all) members of the community! Both dual clients and botting are prohibited and the admins are hard on players who attempt to RMT (real money trading).