Custom Modifications

From SolaceRO

Here are the things we've modified from the original settings


  • There will be a 1% penalty on base and job experience upon death.
  • Cast ground skills are immediately removed when the caster dies.
  • The grace period when picking up monster drops has been increased from 3 to 30 seconds.
  • Muted players may still use skills, but chatting and opening a chatroom and vending are disabled.
  • Players are no longer required to zero their zeny to rebirth (0 z).


  • Party gap has been increased to 25 levels.
  • Players will receive 15% bonus experience for every member in their party.
  • Idle party members will not receive experience.


  • Guild creation has been moved to Morroc Castle. Aspiring Guild Masters must be at least level 61 and capable of finishing the gathering quest.
  • Max guild member limit has been decreased to 26, including the Guild Master.


Catalyst Conversion:
10 Oridecon: 1 Purified Oridecon
10 Elunium: 1 Purified Elunium

Safe Limits:
Armor (+4), Lv. 1 Weapon (+7), Lv. 2 Weapon (+5), Lv. 3 Weapon (+4), and Lv. 4 Weapon (+4).

Refining Cost:
Armor: 7,500 zeny per level
Lv. 1 Weapon: 1,000 z per level
Lv. 2 Weapon: 2,000 z per level
Lv. 3 Weapon: 7,500 z per level
Lv. 4 Weapon: 7,500 z per level

Price is multiplied by the refine level of your item. Let’s say you’re refining a +4 Muffler to +5, you’ll have to pay 37,500 z.

Purified Refining:
Starting at +4 for both armor and weapon.
(official behavior starts at +7)

Purified Refining Cost:
Armor and Weapon: 30,000 z per level


  • Client Bank System: Disabled
  • Navigation System: Disabled
  • World Map: Disabled

Players may go to Morroc Castle to exchange their zeny to coins. Coins can be stored in Kafra storage.


  • Golden Thief Bug Card – Nullify all magic spells by 40%, including supportive skills that target the owner at the cost of doubling SP Consumption when using skills. Maximum HP and SP of the user are also decreased by 50%.
  • Halter Lead is disabled in PVP Rooms.
  • Dead Branch and Bloody Bloody Branch can only be summoned in specific maps.
  • Lowered the selling rate of Pantie and Undershirt to 5 z.


  • Mob spawn has been increased by 100%. MVPs are not affected.
  • MVP Monsters’ HP has been increased by 100%.
  • Mobs scatter as soon as they lose their target.
  • Provoked mobs will always change target to the provoking player, even if they would usually not change target on attack.
  • Looter monsters will loot the closest items to them. Before it loots the oldest to newest item.
  • Lowered the drop rate of Great Nature from Sleeper
  • Lowered the drop rate of Ice Pick and Combat Knife
  • Changed the skill of Mi Gao from Metamorph to Earth Spike
  • Lowered Enchanted Peach Tree’s Royal Jelly drop rate to 4%
  • Geffenia and The Sign Quest are permanently disabled
  • Moscovia has been permanently disabled
  • Increased the drop rate of Glove [1] from Sting to 5%.
  • Muffler [1], Manteau [1], Boots [1], Fin Helm, Ring [1], Brooch [1], and elemental Katars with rates lower than 0.05 have been increased to 0.05.
  • Increased the drop rate of Bow Thimble [0] from Gargoyle to 5%.
  • Decreased the drop rate of Crystal Blue from Mushrooms to 1%.
  • Majoruros and Minorous‘ movement speed has been increased.

War of Emperium

  • Banned Items: Halter Lead, Ghostring Card, Deviling Card, Maya Card, Samurai Spector Card, and Moonlight Flower Card.
  • Banned Skills: Battle Chant, Abracadabra, Mind Breaker, Marionette Control, Loki’s Veil, Battle Theme, Harmonic Lick, and Acoustic Rhythm
  • Creating a new guild is disabled during siege.
  • Inviting guild members is disabled during siege.