Advanced Leveling Guide

From SolaceRO

Novice to 99/50 (normal)

  • Hire Mercenary (for free) from lower guild area, Morroc castle
  • Level at Wolf if melee (use Magnum Break for Swordsman, Cart Revolution for Merchants, Thieves try finding a party). Archers and Mages have the option to go to Geographer after reaching dex 60+ plus fire arrows and blue pots (Archer) OR Dex 60+, Int 40+ for Mages
  • After job changing, you can do some leveling on these following maps:
    • Al De Baran HO, Magma 1F - Knight Bowling Bash Type
    • Geffen HO - Assassin Cross
    • Geographer until dex 90 then Sting at GH Culvert - Hunter
    • Magma 2F party - other characters
    • Priests join a party with any char or 2F

PRO TIP - Prior to Rebirth

  • Prior to rebirthing prepare the following items
    • 1 HE Manual (from NPC Rewards Artisan)
    • 1 Mercenary Awakening Potion
    • 1 Mercenary of Choice (Lv l5 Spear or Lv l6 Archer)
    • Weight must be 0
    • Prepare 1,285,000 zeny


  • Hire a Level 6 Bow Mercenary (Archer Village near 106, 165) OR Level 5 Spear Mercenary (Morroc Castle, Mercenary Manager near 50,164).

Mercenary Manager Payon.png Mercenary Dali.PNG

Mercenary Manager Morroc.png Mercenary Orizaro.PNG

  • Stock up on Mercenary Blue Potions (Morroc Castle, Mercenary Manager near 50,164). Take the blue pots from storage after rebirth.

Mercenary Merchant.png

  • Prior to talking to Valkyrie, use all the items and spam enter. Remember, you have to move FAST as you only have 30 minutes so be EXTRA careful. You cannot die until the mercenary expires.


  • After rebirth, save in your first job’s town and go straight to HO Aldebaran (Spear Mercenary) or Geographer (Archer Mercenary).
  • After 1st Job, return to the same area and level to Transcendent Job. Hopefully, by the end of 30 mins, you are already at Job 50.